First Thoughts


Following Jane and Tom’s 2015 trip to New York and New England as part of our 50th Birthday celebrations, we vowed to re-visit New York again as we were both taken in by it’s vibrancy and life.

Alex was coming to the end of his studying for Law, and we thought about combining a trip to re-visit New York as well as a congratulatory holiday for Alex.

So, a few thoughts started to emerge, and the checking of maps, flight availability and holiday dates, a trip of sorts started to emerge…. Jane had never been to the West Coast, so a two centre trip was envisaged, which quickly became 3 when Vegas was also mentioned.

However, Alex quickly piped up with a request to visit the New England Patriots’ stadium, so straight away it became 4…..

Initial idea of a twin coast trip
As Alex took a bit more interest, his potential Lawyer skills enquired about the possibility of taking in one of the lawyer capitals of the universe, Washington DC. And so 4 became 5.

Spurned on by his successes, a query about adding in San Diego was also agreed to, though by now we were seriously cutting down on available beach time. Further consideration meant we couldn’t really spare the time to do justice to beautiful San Diego, so we reluctantly decided to drop it. So, 5 major US cities, 12 States, and with numerous sights to behold the basics of a trip were in place.

Now, just to get booking, and with unbelievably cheap airfares to the USA available at the moment from Jane started on one of her favourite pastimes, booking hotels and tours and sights.