Day 9, Saturday 25th Feb

Reasonably early start today, heading off to the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon, long drive ahead.

We set off driving up to the top of the strip where we hadn’t managed to walk to.

Then we headed off to the Hoover Dam, via Boulder City (one for you La La Land fans there!) and Lake Mead. Pretty impressive, way bigger than the Mohnesee in Germany!

We then carried on towards the Grand Canyon, stopping off along Route 66 for a spot of brunch. I then had a go at driving our beast of a car. Just like any other car once you’re behind the wheel. Apart from coming up behind a lorry overtaking another lorry, waiting behind for a clear road then putting my foot down to get past – wow! The power!

We eventually got to the Grand Canyon after what seemed like a never ending road. It lived up to it’s reputation and the following photos do not do it justice.

We had planned to wait till sunset, but it was very cloudy – and only 1 or 2 degrees, so we headed back to Vegas, calling at a Walmart to stock up on some ssentials to bring home. Lemonade powder, mint m and m’s, salted caramel almonds – you know, a few essentials!

We could see a glow in the clouds about 50 miles from Vegas, which got brighter and brighter the closer we got. I took this picture about 17 miles away!

We then took one last drive along the strip at night, and were lucky to see the volcano at the Mirage erupting as we went past.

We got back to our local casino, but being a Saturday, it was packed and noisy. We put our winnng vouchers from last night into the machines, and quickly doubled our money so called it quits for the night.

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