Day 7, Thursday 23rd Feb

Woke up in LA to Another Day of Sun.

We all had a much needed early night last night, so were up and out of the hotel before 7.30am, heading east. We called in at the Circe-K in San Dimas (not the actual one from Bill and Ted) for a coffee and doughnut, the made our way across the wilderness to the Black Bear Diner for brunch.

After sustenance, we carried on, still no civilisation, just plenty of scenery, stopping at the world’ tallest thermometer – which must have been at a near all time low – pretty chilly today!

On a quiet deserted road Alex had his turn in the Mustang.

Eventually we arrived in Vegas – after miles of nothing, is pretty spectacular to see this sprawling metropolis.

After unpacking (3 nights at this hotel!), and a little rest, we hit the strip. Huge beers for the boys, a cocktail for me at the MGM Grand sports bar. 

We then tried our luck at a couple of gambling machines in New York New York, but no luck here.

We walked back up the strip stopping to watching the fountains at the Bellagio, popping in there for another go, our $5 lasting a bit longer on the roulette machine, but still didn’t win!

We eventually headed back to the casino next door to our hotel, away from the strip, where the drinks were much more reasonable and the atmosphere very relaxed and friendly. We sat at the bar where games machines are set in, so thought we’d have another go. Ended up $1 up, so called it a night!

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