Day 6, Wednesday 22nd Feb

Due to the change in time zone we all woke early, despite the late night, and headed off to Warner Bros studio. This was one of Alex’s choice so he was looking forward to it. It was a great tour, saw so much and learnt a lot about TVs and movie making. There is one town scene on the lot which is used in loads of TVs programmes and films which we will be looking out for :

Turning a corner Tom and I got so much more than we bargained for! As it is Oscars week, for one week only the coffee shop from La La Land was set up, instead of it just being the office it usually is – we were so happy.

We then saw backlots and props that we recognised – Alex tried on the sorting hat from Harry Potter, and was put in Griffindaw, both Tom and Alex became president behind Jed Bartlett’s desk from the West Wing, Alex the got to hold a real Oscar – with very strict rules and supervision!

Before leaving we got to visit the one place we had all wanted to go – along with nearly everyone on the tour – Central Perk! It was amazing.

We the drove into central Hollywood for a spot of lunch at Mel’s Diner (American Graffitti) then on to walk along the walk of fame with the stars.

After that we had a scenic drive through the posh areas of town – Wilshere Drive, Rodeo Drive, Sunset Boulevard and around where the rich and famous live, before heading off to Malibu, where more rich and famous live!

We stopped off for a drink at Venice Beach on the way back to the hotel for a rest.

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