Day 5, Tuesday 21st Feb

Wahington DC, and another bright day ahead. We allowed ourselves a relaxed start to the day, knowing it was due to be a long one.

After a leisurely breakfast at Dubliners, we set off on foot to the Capitol Building, just around the corner from the hotel. Sun was not in a good position for photos, so we will return there later.

We then set off on a brisk walk up Pennsylvania Avenue to the famous address – number 1600, The White House. Lots of scaffolding and cranes around leftover from the inauguration but we eventually got a good view.

We the headed to the National Mall and the Washington Monument, then we walked along the mall stopping at various memorials, all the way to the Lincoln Memorial and Vietnam Memorial wall. 

With feet hurting we hailed a cab which took us to the Air and Space Museum. The driver was quick when we said we were flying out later and secured himself an airport run quick smart!

After a look round and a McD’s for lunch we headedback to the hotel for a quick drink in the Dubliner (quickly becoming a favourite haunt) and waited for our driver to take us to Dulles airport for our flight to LA, via the Capitol Building which was now bathed in sunshine from the right side.

After a 5 and a half hour flight we arrived in Los Angeles – quite a sight flying over the city at night.

We got the car, Ford Mustang convertible of course, found the hotel and fell into our beds for a well earned sleep.

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