Day 4, Monday 20th Feb

This morning started with walk past Trump Tower, a Starbucks breakfast and then a special treat of a carriage ride around Central Park.

After that, while walking back to the hotel, we stumbled across Lindy’s, world famous cheesecake shop. Well, we had to go in and sample them didn’t we? And they lived up to their name, best cheesecake ever.

Then it was time to catch our coach to Washington, from Port Authority. Arriving early we were lucky to be allowed on the earlier bus – bonus time!

We then checked into the Phoenix Park Hotel, opposite the station and Postal museum! What a fabulous place, huge beds, huge shower and an Irish bar and restaurant on site! What more could we ask? 

This evening we went on a night tour of the Washington monuments. Really interesting and we learnt a lot. Then it was back to the hotel and the Irish restaurant for a late dinner.

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