Day 1, Friday 17th Feb

OK, well the day has finally arrived, and the first thing to check is flight status.

Looks good so far. Just time this morning to finish some last minute work commitments before heading off to the airport.

This should be our first time flying on Boeing’s latest 787 Dreamliner, so we’ll be able to see what all the fuss is about. 

Jane is still undecided about which handbag to carry though……..

This morning’s timely news that Alex has passed all his Law exams is a fantastic start to the trip.

So we departed Gatwick near sunset, and chased the sun most of the way to Boston. Dreamliner windows are very cool.

Once in a chilly Boston, we went for a walk to Cheers Bar for some local beer, Samuel Adams, then to the hotel for a nightcap before turning in.

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